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Power trading software

Today's power companies and utilities must deal with unprecedented volatility in power prices, complex transmission networks, and evolving regulatory requirements. Volatile transmission costs negatively affect profitability. Sudden swings in power prices impair forecasts and negatively impact bottom lines.

The Eka Advantage for Power Trading and Risk Management

  • Better manage volatile transmission costs
  • Handle complex pricing, including heat rate conversion and netback pricing
  • Manage multiple portfolios of transactions within the same platform
  • Maintain real-time positions and mark-to-market valuations based on new deals and deal changes
  • Use sophisticated analytic and visualization tools to support scenario optimization, “what-if” deals, stress testing, VaR, and other advanced risk management techniques
  • Meet Dodd-Frank reporting requirements, including submission of transaction data to the ICE Trade Vault
  • Discover invisible risks with real-time P&L attribution

Leading Power Trading Software Solution

InSight CM® - Power is a comprehensive solution for power trading, managing the entire lifecycle from transaction capture through confirmations, operations, risk management, credit, and settlement. Transaction data is automatically reflected in downstream processes. Both standard profiles (7x24, 5x16) and customized profiles are supported, and the system handles all associated impacts of time zones and daylight savings time. Eka's next-generation ETRM software solution helps power companies and utilities comply with government and regulatory requirements such as Dodd-Frank.

Power Scheduling

InSight CM - Power supports the complex scheduling of power. With real-time data, companies can make the most profitable decisions. Eka's solution supports physical tagging, transmission losses, curtailments, path management, and bookouts, including recommendations for logical bookouts.

Power trading software

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