Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements and Corporate Governance Guidelines

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Regulatory compliance software

In today’s highly complex and volatile commodity markets, commodity market participants are faced with the challenges of protecting margins and ensuring compliance with regulatory, hedge accounting, and corporate governance requirements. Greater supply chain complexity, increased commodity volatility, and rising compliance requirements are driving demand for commodity management solutions. For auditing purposes, access to data must be tightly controlled.

Reliance on spreadsheets, human error in rekeying data, and improper controls are just some of the operational risks facing commodity market participants. When information is misrepresented or mishandled, the company suffers reputational and operational risk.

Commodity market participants need hedge accounting software to ensure compliance and enhance hedge decision making. These companies also have additional requirements to ensure they meet the regulations of the financial markets, including increased transparency of derivatives.

"Eka helps us manage the growth of our business streamlining our business processes with risk management controls while providing greater visibility over our operations. The dashboard and analytical capabilities help us make faster, better informed decisions and are vital to meet hedge accounting reporting. The Eka staff is knowledgeable about our industry and has proven to be a trusted partner."

The Eka Advantage for Regulatory Compliance

  • Comply with Dodd-Frank
  • Meet hedge accounting requirements
  • Set and monitor corporate governance risk policies
  • Manage complete audit trails of all changes
  • Choose InSight CM Cloud and evaluate risk anytime, anywhere from any mobile device 

Leading Solution for Regulatory Compliance

Eka’s best-of-breed solutions manage commodity trading, procurement, logistics, bulk handling, processing, enterprise risk, and compliance. Available in cloud or on premise, Eka’s InSight CM® provides comprehensive hedging capabilities for commodity market participants and protects these companies from regulatory risk. Eka’s next-generation CTRM software allows companies to meet compliance requirements across commodities and foreign exchange derivative instruments. The software covers hedge allocations, effectiveness testing, hedge management, compliance documentation, and regulatory reporting.

Regulatory compliance software


Eka’s Regulatory Compliance Solutions


InSight CM - Dodd-Frank provides and maintains a complete audit trail of all changes to the system — who, what, when. To meet Dodd-Frank requirements, reports are automatically submitted to trade repositories. Eka's InSight CM platform ensures commodity market participants have evidence of the proper use of hedging with derivatives.

Hedge Accounting

InSight CM - Hedge Accounting is an advanced solution for managing the trade, movement, and risk of multiple commodities including agriculture, metals, and energy. The advanced platform automates the hedge accounting process for commodities and supports an organization staying

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