Commodity Risk Management

Manage Price, Counterparty Credit, Regulatory, and Operational Risk

Commodity risk management software

Commodity market participants need the ability to define, measure, and control organization wide risk. Real-time position and mark-to-market P&L across physicals and derivatives is required, identifying exposures and enabling timely decisions and actions. These companies need market risk management software to capture, analyze, manage, and report transactions in real-time.

"Using Eka’s solution has allowed us to increase our trading volume with the same number of people. We have better visibility, better control of risk, better management of foreign exchange exposures, and can more effectively meet corporate governance requirements than was ever possible with our previous system."

The Eka Advantage for Market Risk Management Software

  • Set alerts for breaches and potential breaches of key measures
  • Control corporate risk from one central corporate governance function
  • Gain real-time counterparty credit monitoring
  • Manage risk at various organization levels (e.g. legal entity, profit center/book, group, etc.)
  • Perform scenario optimization, “what-if” deals, stress testing, VaR, and other advanced risk management techniques by changing market and other parameters

Leading Risk Management Solution

Eka’s InSight CM software platform is an advanced solution for managing risk across multiple commodities. The comprehensive risk management solution controls price, counterparty credit, regulatory, and operational risk.

Price Risk

To protect against market price risk, companies can run various simulations to determine the effect on a company's bottom line. Eka provides real-time position and mark-to-market P&L across physicals and derivatives, identifying exposures and enabling timely decisions and actions. The solution provides sophisticated analytic and visualization tools to support scenario optimization, “what-if” deals, stress testing, VaR, and other advanced risk management techniques. Eka’s flexible platform allows users to set up and monitor business units and portfolios, customized to the level of granularity needed, for example by individual or commodity. To gain more visibility across the organization, users can set up KPIs and effectively measure them.

Credit Risk

With Eka's advanced risk management solution, counterparty credit risk can be measured. Real-time counterparty credit monitoring is supported, and users can set up alerts and notifications to highlight potential breaches or contract milestones. This comprehensive feature of Eka's InSight CM platform is very flexible, allowing users to define levels of notifications for various breaches and perform trend analysis on breaches. Letters of credit can be tracked at various organizational levels.

Regulatory Risk

Eka’s InSight CM platform provides comprehensive hedging capabilities for commodity market participants and protects these companies from regulatory risk. Eka’s next-generation CTRM software allows companies to meet compliance requirements across commodities and foreign exchange derivative instruments. To enable companies to comply with the Dodd-Frank Act, the software automatically submits reports to trade repositories and maintains a complete audit trail—who, when, what.

Operational Risk

Companies using individual spreadsheets or siloed systems of information are exposed to operational risk. With Eka's InSight CM platform, vital information is brought together in a single, central system to enhance decision making and protect against these risks. With a single, integrated platform that includes all front, middle, and back office functions, everyone in the company has the information needed. Operational risk is abated when there is one version of the truth across an organization.

Commodity risk management

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