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Our highly-experienced technical team and business consultants follow industry best practices to ensure a smooth, on-time deployment. Our teams work closely with users to empower them to derive the maximum benefit from Eka’s solutions.


First-Class, Worldwide Technical Support

We understand the significance and value of our customers’ investments in our platform. Our focus is on delighting our customers, and we work hard to ensure that our support team is a virtual extension of your business.


Our highly-experienced technical support team is available via phone, email, and the web to assure rapid response to all inquiries. Advanced self-service and diagnostic tools combined with strict service-level tracking and reporting ensure our team resolves all issues as quickly and effectively as possible.


All our processes are designed to exceed expectations, maximize the return on your investment, and generate high stakeholder and user satisfaction.

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“We chose Eka because we needed to partner with a company that could provide sophisticated risk management functionality in a secure cloud model, and that had the experience to ensure a seamless implementation.


The Eka team exceeded our expectations with a smooth, on-time, and on-budget deployment, and now we have the enterprise-wide visibility into exposure required to compete and operate as effectively as possible.”

Susanne Graul

Risk Manager



Eka’s Technology Experts Ensure Successful Implementations

Eka’s professional services team works closely with customers during all phases of Eka CTRM and ETRM software implementation. Our team is comprised of commodity management technology experts who have a strong understanding of the agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and metals industries.


Key individuals from Eka and the customer are identified to ensure a successful implementation:


  • Steering Committee – Made up of senior management and project sponsors, the Steering Committee sets guidelines, defines goals and timelines, and monitors progress.
  • Project Management Team – Made up of project managers, technical experts, and business users, the Project Management Team coordinates the entire project, monitors progress, and ensures that top management receives regular status updates.


In addition, our business consultants work with our customers to:


  • Study business processes and determine the best solution fit
  • Document new processes, requirements, and interfaces
  • Monitor results over time, and continue to recommend solutions that will deliver maximum value


Implementation Process


Configuration: Post requirements and project scope finalization, Eka’s technical specialists configure the trading risk management software implementation. This includes: integration, unit testing, and review, followed by systematic quality assurance checks, systems testing, integration testing, data consistency checks, and data flow verifications.


Data Migration: At Eka, we ensure that all data is seamlessly united and migrated into the Eka platform, and that the transition from your old systems is smooth and hassle-free.


Integration: The Eka solution can be easily integrated with third-party applications. Typical integrations include accounting packages, ERP systems, master data maintenance software, and live feeds.


Maximize the Value from Implementation

our solution training services team works closely with users to empower them to derive the maximum benefit from Eka’s solutions.


Custom Education
Eka’s customized, classroom-based sessions are led by qualified instructors at the time and location of your choice. InSight CM experts work closely with your administrators to devise tailor-made programs that ensure you get the most relevant training for your business needs.

During training, users are given detailed, step-by-step instructions on modules or functionalities suitable for their job profiles. Training includes role-based test cases, live examples, and customized assignments.



Web-Based Training
Once classroom training is complete, web-based training sessions offer an efficient and cost-effective method of continuing education. Typically, an Eka expert conducts online sessions with users to answer specific questions or provide retraining on specific components of the software. These sessions give users the skills needed to become proficient in relevant functional areas. Training packages include application training, assignments, and Q&A sessions.

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