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Next-Generation, Fact-Based, Analytics-Driven, Decision Support

Smart Commodity Management

First-generation Commodity Management solutions such as ETRM and CTRM are transaction-based systems restricted to capturing, integrating, and sharing data across organizations. Eka is leading the generational shift to Smart Commodity Management solutions that include advanced, predictive analytics to make better, faster, fact-based decisions. With a light footprint to aggregate and analyze extremely large data sets to provide real-time analytics, Eka's Smart Commodity Management solution, InSight CM™, is today's SMART solution for fact-based decision making.

Only Vendor to Provide Next-Generation Predictive Analytics

Historically, commodity market participants have struggled when it comes to decision making. They are faced with a lack of information to make optimal decisions, which can be risky, or they have to wait weeks before they have all the information they need, which weakens competitiveness. With Eka's InSight CM solution, market participants get the best of both worlds — all the data with all the analytics they need is available in real-time to maximize profitability. With a single version of the truth coupled with advanced analytics, the solution fosters a culture of pervasive, real-time, data-driven, fact-based decision making.

Next-generation ETRM and CTRM software

Eka's InSight CM solution captures, manipulates, and stores a huge volume of data. As unstructured data such as industry blogs and trade publications adds to the information to be considered in analysis, Eka's SMART analytics provides the necessary scalability and speed for real-time, fact-based decision making. By providing not only data, but actionable insights with powerful visualization, Eka's platform helps companies make the most profitable decisions.

The Eka Advantage - Smart Commodity Management

  • Gain a single version of the truth
  • Assess the impact to P&L and risk in real-time based on live and fluctuating market prices
  • Analyze multiple predictors of business results
  • Create customized analytics to make fact-based real-time decisions
  • Analyze performance across enterprise, business unit, and trader
  • Perform real-time complex scenarios

Gain Valuable Insights with Robust Analytics

Robust analytics provide commodity market participants with valuable insights. Eka's Smart Commodity Management platform includes pre-built analytics plus the ability to create customized analytics.

Eka’s built-in business intelligence gives users a wide range of tools to mine, analyze, and generate insights that can be used for strategic decision making by C-level executives. Users can also create their own analytics, selecting categories and metrics.

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