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Eka's Technology Experts Ensure Successful Implementation

Professional Services for Eka's Smart Commodity Management

Eka’s Professional Services team is a senior group of commodity management technology experts who have a strong understanding of the needs of commodity market participants in the agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and metals industries. They work closely with customers during all phases of implementation.

Program Management

Key members from Eka and the customer are identified to ensure efficient management essential to a successful implementation:

  • Steering Committee – Made up of senior management and project sponsors, the Steering Committee sets guidelines, defines goals and timelines, and monitors progress.
  • Project Management Team – Made up of project managers, technical experts, and business users, the Project Management Team coordinates the entire project, monitors progress, and ensures that top management receives regular status updates.


Business Consulting

Our business consultants have extensive technical and business knowledge of the commodities markets and their objectives include:

  • Study customer's business processes and determine the best solution fit.
  • Discuss and document new processes, requirements, and interfaces. Analyze for efficiency and benchmark against industry best practices.
  • Monitor the customer's results over time, and continue to recommend solutions that will bring maximum value for the customer's business needs.




Once the requirements and scope of the project are finalized, Eka's technical specialists configure the trading risk management software implementation to suit business requirements. This includes: integration, unit testing, and review, followed by a systematic and thorough round of quality assurance, systems testing, integration testing, data consistency checks, and data flow verifications.

Only after these stringent quality assurance tests are completed is the system ready for deployment and ready for you to use in your day-to-day operations.

Data Services

At Eka, we understand the value of your business data and that it may be contained in multiple systems. Therefore, to maximize productivity, we ensure that all data is seamlessly united and migrated into the Eka platform, and that the transition from your old systems is smooth and hassle-free.

Integration Services

The Eka solution can be easily integrated with other third party applications to create the ideal real-time solution for your business. Typical integrations include accounting packages, ERP systems, master data maintenance software, and live feeds. Integrating systems eliminates duplication of effort in manual data entry and maximizes productivity and ensures unified, accurate data across all applications.

Professional Services for Eka's Smart Commodity Management

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