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Educational Services for Eka's Smart Commodity Management

The mark of a successful CTRM software implementation is user acceptance. Therefore, our solution training services team works closely with users to empower them to derive the maximum benefit from Eka's solutions. 

Custom Education

Eka's customized, classroom-based sessions are led by qualified instructors at the time and location of your choice. InSight CM experts work closely with your administrators to devise tailor-made programs that ensure you get the most relevant training for your business needs.

During training, users are given detailed, step-by-step instructions on modules or functionalities suitable for their job profiles. Training includes role-based test cases, live examples, and customized assignments.

Web-Based Training

Once classroom training is complete, web-based training sessions offer an efficient and cost-effective method of continuing education. Typically, an Eka expert conducts online sessions with users to answer specific questions or provide retraining on specific components of the software. These sessions give users the skills needed to become proficient in relevant functional areas. Training packages include application training, assignments, and Q&A sessions.

Educational Services for Eka's Smart Commodity Management

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