Data-Driven Decisions with Eka’s Commodity Analytics Apps.

Capturing data means little unless it is put to work. Eka’s Commodity Analytics apps let you aggregate and analyze data from isolated systems in real time, providing on-demand analysis and reporting to help make faster decisions.

Solve any problem in commodity management




Freight Exposure

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Value at risk (VaR)

Emissions Hedging

Credit Risk

Risk & Monitoring

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Pre-trade Analysis

Raw Material Margin


Quality Arbitrage

Basis Analysis

Power Spread Analysis

Settlement Netting

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Pre-trade Analysis

Logistics Operations Analysis

Supply Demand Analysis

Analysis Inventory

Vessel Opportunity

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Cash Flow


Trade Finance

Invoice Ageing

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Connected Data Means Smarter Business Decisions

It doesn’t matter where your data resides, Eka’s plug-n-play analytics apps let you bring all your data at one place. Mix and match different data sets and perform real-time analysis on extremely large volumes of data at the click of a button.


Flexible Reports and Alerts

Generate custom reports, dashboards, and alerts to monitor key information in real time.

Get Deeper Insights With an Always-on Engine

Create reports on demand with real-time feeds and make trading decisions backed by data, not intuition.

Stay Tuned from Anywhere

Swipe to view reports, zoom in on insights, share screenshots on chat and resolve issues on the go with mobile.

Seamlessly integrate data with external systems

Instant Integrations


Connect any system, exchange, market feeds, and everything in between, instantly with open APIs and in-built connectors ready for integration.

Cloud & Security

Enterprise-grade Security for Your Data

Compliant with industry standards including SOC 2 Type I, SOC 2 Type II and GDPR

Single sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols

Enterprise-grade security and encryption of data in transit and at REST

Integrated with best-in-class DLP, EMM and archival partners

World’s Leading Commodity Businesses Run on Eka’s Commodity Management Platform

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