Is your trading system GDPR compliant?

If your business is based in Europe, or if you process personal data of users based in Europe, then you need to be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.


Why? Because there are serious economic consequences if you aren’t. Upgrade to Eka’s Digital Commodity apps to ensure compliance throughout the user life cycle.


Here are 4 ways Eka can ensure that you are complying to GDP regulations.

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1. Create data with user consent

GDPR is the biggest policy change ever implemented to protect user data in Europe. Eka’s solution provides the option to incorporate consent when registering new users.
User Consent Capture

2. Keep your users in the know

Whether you are modifying user data or editing business partner details, GDPR requires that the user be informed. Eka’s solution sends an automated alert informing users when a change is made.

3. Capture accurate data at source

Be it email, phone number or Iban number, GDPR mandates businesses validate details of personal data. Eka lets you set standardized formats to make sure there are no discrepancies in data.
GDPR Compliant Data
User Retention Period Expiry

4. Retain and delete data responsibly

Consent for user data needs to updated periodically. When someone leaves the system, provisions need to be made to ensure user data is not accessible without consent. Eka’s apps help you properly maintain privacy.

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