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Eka’s Eka’s Digital Commodity Management Platform provides a suite of simple, yet powerful apps that are pre-configured to let you go live in weeks at a fraction of CTRM cost.

Don’t take our word for it, ask your CTRM vendor these six questions…


Can your CTRM system go live in weeks and not months?

Stop spending months implementing monolithic CTRM system that comes locked with solutions you don’t need. Eka’s Digital Commodity Management Platform lets you choose the solutions you need in the form of simple, yet powerful apps so you can meet your business goals in weeks.

Can you buy pre-built apps tailored to your asset class?

To stay ahead you need to adapt and respond to market dynamics and fast. It’s a lot easier with a solution that is pre-configured to your asset class rather than trying to force fit something that’s not. Eka’s app suite covers a wide range of asset classes across agriculture, energy, metals and mining and manufacturing.
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Can you add functionality seamlessly as you scale?

Choose the solution you need when you need it. Add functionality in the form of apps, without incurring the lengthy and expensive process of implementing a monolithic CTRM system.

Can you connect data instantly from anywhere?

It doesn’t matter what systems you already have. Eka’s connectors are built into its platform, so you can bridge data from anywhere, regardless of its source and volume – SAP, Oracle and back-office systems all included. Bring critical data together in one place and perform real-time analysis to move with markets, instantly.
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Does your solution provide extra intelligence from the value chain?

Extend beyond trading and add intelligence from all aspects of the trading value chain – from sourcing and upstream, to supply chain and all the way to downstream – with unique apps that mold themselves around your existing solutions and help you make better decisions, faster.

Is your vendor investing in the future?

Looking back at the Triple Point acquisition, ION closed the deal for a reported $900 million and within just a few months essentially took the company out of the market, letting go most of the company’s sales and marketing personnel and by all appearances, not competing for new business. In the aftermath of the acquisition and retrenchment, several of the company’s customers dropped the product and moved on, leaving Triple Point with declining revenues and a somewhat tarnished reputation. Do you want to choose a vendor that isn’t investing in future development? Do you want to miss out on all the benefits of today’s innovative technology – IoT, cloud, machine learning, AI, and more?
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