Move to Automated and Continuous Reconciliation

Automate critical finance reconciliations across general ledgers, subledgers and bank accounts for faster and more accurate close process management.


Centralized Data

Centralize data from anywhere – your finance team, their tasks and systems – to one platform and work on a foundation of connected data

Faster and Accurate Reporting

Reduce risk and benefit from enhanced speed while ensuring accuracy and completeness of all financial reconciliations

Automated Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks of the close process with pre-built apps for broker, invoice and stock reconciliation that integrate seamlessly in weeks

Enterprise Apps on a Single Platform

Broker Reconciliation

Match trades from derivative transaction or ledger systems with broker statements and perform faster and accurate reconciliations


  • checkIdentify breaks and differences between systems, modules and reports with ease
  • checkSave time and cost thereby reducing EOD and EOM time pressure
  • checkReplace manual reconciliation activities with a single click
  • checkIdentify and avoid instances for fraud, manual or system integration errors

Invoice and Stock Reconciliation

Standardize, control and streamline all reconciliations by matching payments, adjustments, receipts, contracts, stocks and commissions down to the last cent


  • checkAvoid errors in reconciliation and track them in real time, while monitoring breaks and breaches across entities
  • checkAutomate complex grouping and calculations to reconcile trades, stocks, commissions, and more from disparate systems
  • checkReduce EOD and EOM pressure and save time by identifying deviations and isolating root causes

Seamlessly integrate data with external systems

Instant Integrations


Connect any system, exchange, market feeds, and everything in between, instantly with open APIs and in-built connectors ready for integration.

instant integration

Cloud & Security

Enterprise-grade Security for Your Data

Compliant with industry standards: SOC 2 Type I, SOC 2 Type II & GDPR

Single sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols

Tested and validated under Veracode Verified Standard status

Enterprise-grade security and encryption of data in transit and at REST

Integrated with best-in-class DLP, EMM and archival partners

World’s Leading Commodity Businesses Run on Eka’s Commodity Management Platform

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