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Stockpile management software

To maximize revenues, mining sites require stockpile management software with 3D views that include detailed quality data of stockpiles for better stacking and reclaiming decisions. Without knowing the effects that previous stacking and reclaiming tasks had on quality results, mining site operators will be hampered in decision making.

The Eka Advantage for Stockpile Management

  • Create user defined stacking patterns based on performance, capacity, or quality
  • Gain 3D dynamic 'fly-around' view of stockpiles
  • Maximize stockpile and yard capacity with consistent stacking results and true infill stacking
  • Use with InSight CM® - 3D Anti Collision to gain a 3D, real-time view of all machines and stockpiles at a site, including quality information

Leading Stockpile Management Software Solution

InSight CM® - 3D Stockpile Manager provides a real-time 3D volumetric model of stockpiles for flexible machine control, quality analysis, and prediction. Movement data — including source and destination, intermediate equipment, and start and end times — are tracked with each commodity movement. Mining facilities benefit from detailed analysis to visualize, group, and calculate quality results. In addition to viewing past quality results, site operators can simulate future results when making stacking and reclaiming decisions.

Quality Information

InSight CM - QMS can be used with InSight CM - 3D Stockpile Manager to add quality information to the stockpile model. Quality information is tracked on the 3D stockpile display, and traces back to the receiving train or truck. By knowing the specific quality information of a stockpile (instead of the average quality specification for the entire stockpile), the stockyard commodity quality specification can be matched exactly to the sales quality specification.

With the ability to see exact quality information within stockpiles using InSight CM - QMS, and the ability to get the specific quality out of a stockpile using InSight CM - 3D Stockpile Manager, mining site operators can specifically match inventory quality specifications to sales quality specifications. Without this specific quality information, site operators are forced to give away a better quality of product than specified, losing margin.

Stockpile management software

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