Agriculture Commodity Management Software

Help Suppliers Sell with Eka's Supplier Collaboration Portal

Agricultural commodity management software

Growers, farmers, and suppliers who produce agricultural commodities need to maximize the prices for which they sell products to originators and producers. Originators and producers need next-generation CTRM software to gain a competitive advantage and to make it easy for suppliers to do business with them through a web-based portal.

The Eka Advantage for Originators and Producers

  • Provide suppliers with access to real-time prices currently being offered by originators
  • Give suppliers the ability to create contracts, view payment status, and track deliveries, positions, and invoices
  • Publish prices online, manage the supplier database, and confirm online contracts written by suppliers
  • Allow suppliers to create cash and pool contracts

The Leading Solution for Supplier Collaboration

Eka's Supplier Collaboration Portal helps originators and producers reach out to growers without the constraints of time and distance. The web-based software provides unprecedented flexibility to farmers, growers, and suppliers to transact and manage the sale, purchase, and delivery of produce 24x7x365. With the portal, suppliers can view prices being offered in real-time; they can maximize revenues by selling agriculture commodities when and where they can get the highest prices.

Agriculture commodity management software

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