Patrick Hammen

Chief Information Officer

Renewable Energy Group

Having access to the right data at the right time is key to good decision making. Eka helped us automate a four-day, manual reconciliation process into a 30 second task. The app enables us to view exposure at the click of a button instead of waiting a full business week for the manual report to be put together.

Mr. Cho Yun Hee

Chief Financial Officer

CJ International Asia

Prior to this deployment, we were using homegrown systems for trade capture, position management, and other activities. This required a lot of manual effort and did not give us the real-time information we needed to make the best decisions for our business. InSight CM provides us with the advanced functionalities that our rapidly-growing company requires to retain an industry-leading position, and significantly increases efficiency by simplifying and standardizing our global processes.

Neal Brandemark

Manager, Risk Management

Progress Energy

Progress Energy had outgrown its current systems and needed a scalable front-to-back ETRM platform to support our growing business. Eka offered the best combination of functionality, ease of implementation, and a reputation for ensuring customer success.  Eka was clearly the best choice for Progress Energy.

Kelly Tkaczyk

Vice President

Providence Grain

We need a robust grain management system that provides one version of the truth to improve management reporting, automate processes, increase efficiency and support our continued growth. Eka provides the most functional depth across origination, trading, supply chain, container and vessel operations, and risk management and has seamless integration with our MS NAV ERP, making it the right choice for Providence Grain.

Scott Wellcome

Risk Manager


Eka’s easy-to-use system can be accessed anywhere thanks to its cloud-based functionality. The move away from spreadsheets improves efficiency and reduces errors, providing increased confidence from management and stakeholders. The benefits of using Eka’s CTRM software as we look to grow in an increasingly complex market are immeasurable.

Susanne Graul

Risk Manager


We chose Eka because we needed to partner with a company that could provide sophisticated risk management functionality in a secure cloud model, and that had the experience to ensure a seamless implementation. The Eka team exceeded our expectations with a smooth, on-time, and on-budget deployment, and now we have the enterprise-wide visibility into exposure required to compete and operate as effectively as possible.

Zaid Qadoumi



We needed the most functionally advanced end-to-end agriculture trading, risk, and supply chain solution to support our growing business both domestically and internationally. Through our evaluations, Eka’s platform proved to be the most modern and complete multi-commodity software solution on the market today, making our decision easy.

Davin Kivisto

VP Planning & Risk


As our business is growing, particularly our retailing operations, we need to invest in an advanced ETRM software solution. We conducted an in-depth evaluation of all the leading ETRM software vendors and it quickly became obvious Eka offered the most comprehensive solution. In addition, Eka’s reputation for partnering with customers and providing excellent customer service made Eka the logical choice.

Dick Bauer


Eastern Alloys

Eka offered the most comprehensive solution and provided the best value. The fact that Eka’s solution is completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV made our decision easy. With a single platform that includes all front, middle, and back office functions, everyone has the information needed to best perform their roles.

Sherra Aspin

Manager, Natural Gas

Tourmaline Oil Corp.

Tourmaline had outgrown its current systems and it was imperative we invest in an advanced, multi-commodity ETRM software platform to support our rapidly expanding oil and gas operations. Eka offered the most comprehensive solution with the lowest total cost of ownership, providing the best value. With a single platform that integrates all front, middle, and back office functions, everyone has the information needed to best perform their roles.

Jun Tsubaki

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Marubeni Grain & Oilseeds Trading

Our rapid global growth necessitated that we upgrade to a next-generation CTRM software solution with the most robust trading and risk management functionality. Using Eka’s solution has allowed us to increase our trading volume with the same number of people. We have better visibility, better control of risk, better management of foreign exchange exposures, and can more effectively meet corporate governance requirements than was ever possible with our previous system.

Karl Söderberg

Finance Director


Eka is the single most critical business support application being used at Boliden currently.

M. M. Vaidya

General Manager - Corporate Finance

Oman Cables Industry

Eka helps us manage the growth of our business streamlining our business processes with risk management controls while providing greater visibility over our operations. The dashboard and analytical capabilities help us make faster, better informed decisions and are vital to meet hedge accounting reporting. The Eka staff is knowledgeable about our industry and has proven to be a trusted partner.

Jim Brown

SVP Mid-Office

Just Energy

We had outgrown our in-house system that was used across multiple businesses. We needed a better way to manage trading and risk with complete accountability and accuracy in real-time across our gas and power operations. After evaluating all the leading vendors, it was clear that Eka provided all the advanced functionality to meet our needs, and was the fastest, least cost, and lowest risk to implement. In addition, the Eka team proved to be the easiest to work with; they are a true partner.

Robert Barr

Vice President

Agrex Inc

With Agrex's growth over the past several years, there was a requirement for a faster and more comprehensive risk management system. It was important that we have a solution that could provide an integrated view across our domestic and international operations, handling everything from grain terminals and logistics to exports, with a high degree of flexibility to transact financial hedging and risk management, as well as highly-sophisticated reporting tools. Agrex management established a Steering Committee which evaluated the needs of the company and researched the market for a suitable software solution. Eka.Agriculture was the best fit for the requirements of Agrex.

Eka clearly understands the complexities of the physical markets and are providing us with a complete farm-to-marketplace solution and an enterprise-wide view of our trading and risk management. The system architecture also lends itself to quicker and easier deployment than other systems we evaluated.

Klaus Pamminger

General Manager Marketing


In order to meet our growth targets it is essential that we deploy a system which is fit for purpose, easy to use and flexible. Our challenge was to find the right product platform and partner for the next phase of our growth. We were not only impressed by the Eka product, but also by their people. They demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge of the grain business and a willingness to work with us to meet our objectives.

Scott Wilde

Vice President – Strategic Global Resources

Superior Essex

We believe Eka has developed a product that combined with a cooperative working relationship between our two companies, reflects our operations needs and is the right product for our current business environment. As a commodity buyer, we need a system that easily interfaces with our ERP, helps manage our price risk, hedging operations, and assures compliance with hedge accounting requirements.

Eka meets these goals and combined with their flexibility, offers a platform that brings visibility over our global risk positions, streamlines risk management operations, provides reporting and analytical capabilities, and helps meet regulatory requirements. We are very pleased with Eka’s modern technology, their team’s capability and their knowledge of the commodity markets.

Andy Crane

Chief Executive Officer

CBH Group

I am pleased to announce that CBH has gone live using Eka’s trading system. This is a very important project for us, as Eka's modern, integrated platform for commodity management will position us well to manage risk and further growth. A key ingredient for this success is the close collaboration between the internal CBH teams and our Eka colleagues. I thank the Eka team for their professionalism and commitment throughout the process. CBH is looking forward to reaping the benefits of this implementation and continuing to work with the Eka team.

Dr. Gary M. Vasey

Managing Director

Commodity Technology Advisory

Eka.Risk Platform offers the market a solution to a critical issue – the need for a fully-integrated and enterprise-wide approach to commodity risk management, irrespective of underlying CTRM systems operating. Commodity Technology Advisory research points to a growing need for commodity companies to adopt such solutions.

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